With New York Fashion Week over – It's Time to Experiment with the New Trends

There is truth – and comfort – to be found in the fact that most paparazzi shots of local celebrities show them wearing jeans and boots (albeit pricey ones). Considering that the US taught the rest of the world about blue jeans and that the most famous American designers have built their empires on their sportswear, it’s not surprising that in NYC, chic equals sleek casual. With New York Fashion Week over, it’s time to experiment with the new trends.

But the truth is that almost everyone is New York is interested in looking stylish. This includes 20-somethings barely able to make rent who are willing to blow dollars on the right pair of jeans. The definition of stylish is different, however, depending on the scene you hang with. The top-down fashion trend was dominant for many years. Today, however, there is another important fashion trend that moves in the opposite direction. Fashion also moves in a “bottom-up” direction. This happens when young people develop their own style of clothes. This is often called “street fashion”. Famous designers notice this street fashion and then use it in their clothes. Hip-hop design is a good example of street fashion that moved from the street into the general fashion world.

What New Yorkers aren’t nonchalant about is their grooming. A real metro-sexual expresses himself not by the foppishness of his ties but a mindless devotion to scrubs, cuticles and perfectly coiffed just-rolled-out-of-bed hair. It takes hard work to achieve that impression of effortlessness. However, the city will always have plenty of high repair types who have their roots touched up every two weeks.

Telco store offerings provide a “dream come true” for chic women hunting for easy-to-wear brands and convenient clothes that rise above the fashionable fads. It started these lovable and reasonably priced Brooklyn stores to bring only its one of kind clothing, hats, and other miscellaneous treasures to women in quest for more inspiring fashion options. They have done well and now Brooklyn stores are the places to find unique clothes you surely will be complemented on afterward.

If you’re passionate about rich and colorful, flirty wears and eye-catching spin skirts – and have a reasonable budget – make a beeline for Brooklyn stores. The hand-outs change with the designer urges, but normally the look is retro-chic, in shiny materials, with flair-filled samples from polka spots and leopard stamps, to floral and plaid (and the sporadic simple, smooth solids).

Brooklyn stores are the place to dress and accessorize in style, with latest stylish brands spanning a variety of costs – together with frequent sales. The site is the original, and remains the best of the New York Brooklyn stores.