Discount Home Furnishings, Towels, Kitchen Items in NYC

The Telco is a popular discount store in NYC that presents excellent products at highly affordable prices. The first Telco store opened doors in 1972 to maintain its quality and affordability ever since. This store presents the products of various important brands like DKNY, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole and Jones NY. At the same time, these products are available with discounts of up to 70 percent.

Telco offers various kinds of additional coupons and promotions for the convenience of the clients. One of the simplest ways to receive a Telco discount is to become a fan of the stores on Facebook. You will benefit from a range of departments, including women, juniors, men, footwear and accessories, lingerie, jewelry, appliances, bed and bath, housewares, cookware, luggage and electronics.

Most customers are exceptionally happy with the diversity and range of products available for purchase. The store is big and well-organized, located conveniently at a busy New York City location. These facts come together to make Telco a truly popular discount store in NYC.

As a customer, you will also be satisfied with the level of service and attention that you will receive at Telco. The assistants are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable, directing you to the most appropriate brands and products for your needs.

Diversity and abundance characterize this discount store NYC. You will find products ranging from some of the most popular brands in the fashion world to some unusually funky and original items that cannot be discovered anywhere else. Many people feel unhappy with the inflated prices in most popular stores. Telco deals with this problem, offering designer items at highly affordable prices.

Apart from the wide range of clothes and accessories, Telco features a beautiful home section where you will find everything needed to make your home prettier, more comfortable and more contemporary. You will discover great items ranging from bed sheets to kitchen equipment. Many ladies will find tablecloths, sheets, linens and towels at a bargain.

Telco is a discount store in NYC that is great for a family visit. Everybody will discover something appropriate, even if the family shopping budget is a limited one.

The Telco website gets updated frequently, providing information about the latest discounts and coupons available for the needs of customers looking for a bargain. The Telco blog is full of intriguing information and useful tips for everybody looking for a great discount store NYC.

Overall, Telco is a highly popular and convenient option for everyone looking for great items on a budget. The store features popular brands and a wide range of products for men, women and children. If you are looking for a place in New York that will address all of your shopping needs, you should definitely give Telco a chance.