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How to Lower Your Clothing Costs – Get New Looks for Less

Saving cash on clothing doesn’t have to mean that you give up on the latest fashions and the top brands.  It doesn’t mean shopping at flee markets and thrift stores.  You can enjoy the best designs, most popular brands and latest fashions and still save plenty of money left over by using a few basic strategies.

First, shopping in the off season for clothes is highly effective at driving clothing costs down.  For example, don’t buy winter jackets, scarfs and gloves in the winter.  Try to pick these items up in late summer, or better still, in late winter to early spring.  That’s when you’ll spot the best clearance sales.  And check out discount stores, such as Telco Clothing Store, for hot deals on winter items.

Use this same strategy when buying spring and summer clothes.  There’s almost always huge summer clothing sales in the fall.  Choosing the right sale might be a bit tricky, though.  Most stores advertise these sales, so you’ll have a chance to visit many sales and gather up the best of summer’s fashion at half the price.

Train yourself to hunt down coupons before you go shopping for clothes.  By visiting department store websites and Facebook pages looking for coupons, you may find deep discounts on certain brands and fashions that you really want.  Don’t burn money by paying full price for clothes.  Spot coupons online and in newspapers and magazines.  Telco Clothing Store routinely gives nice discounts through coupons.  Clip, print, and save!

Avoid buying clothes that you’ll never actually wear.  This may be difficult.  Sometimes impulse buys are spot on, and many times they are not.  Minimize the wrong impulse buys by shopping with a friend that has some fashion sense.  Try clothes on before buying them if there’s any doubt that they will fit or look good on you.  Don’t end up with a closet full of clothes you never wear.

If you discover later that a particular outfit is an utterly wrong purchase, return the unwanted outfit to the store you bought it from.  Many stores will at least offer in store credit, and some will even issue a cash refund.  Clothes sitting in your closet that you’ll never wear just waste money.

If it’s too late to return clothes you never wear, or if they are used but in decent condition, try selling your surplus clothes to used clothing stores and consignment shops.  The revenue you generate through used clothing sales will put a nice dent in the amount of money being spent on brand new clothes.  So, before you go to a Telco Clothing Store to snag the best deals on the latest fashions, drop your old clothes off at the corner consignment store.

Save on clothing costs by buying off season, using coupons, avoiding dud outfits, and selling used clothes.  Enjoy!

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