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Great Make-Up at the Best Price in NYC

When you want to look you’re best, you need products that perform at their best. Therefore, if you want to make the appearance of your skin to look 10 years younger or you want those sexy cat eyes that your favorite model was sporting on the runway last year, you need the correct products. While better cosmetics mean a better look, you need to find them at the right price to truly make you shine.

By purchasing your favorite brand of eye shadow in various shades at a discount store NYC, you can create a beautiful smoky eye without spending a fortune. You’ll need four different colors. One to accent the other colors, a medium shade, a color that is in between a medium and a dark shade, and a dark shade. Don’t forget to purchase concealer and eyeliner!

After you pick up your favorite shades from Telco Stores, it’s quite a simple process to get the look you desire. Apply the concealer evenly on the eyelid to create a foundation for the makeup. This will create a base coat that will help your make-up to last longer and not crease. Use the eyeliner to line your eyes, but make sure you smudge it just little to create a smooth, yet soft look. Apply the medium shade to the entire eyelid. The medium-dark shade needs to cover the crease of your eyelid down to your eyelash. Use a tiny amount of this color under your eyes, as well. The dark shade should be on both sides of the corners of your eye. Apply the highlighting makeup underneath your brow. You’ll also want to add it to the center of your eye—in between the darkest shade you used. Take the brush you used to spread your highlight make-up on, and use it to blend the colors together to eliminate any noticeable lines.

Maybe, you want something a little less seductive. That’s definitely possible. You could always try a subtle shade of lipstick with a hint of lip liner. This look doesn’t cost much when you purchase your supplies at a discount store NYC. All you need to create the look is some clear chap stick, a shade of lipstick of your choosing and a slightly darker shade of lip liner than the lipstick you selected. Apply the chap stick first. It will moisturize your lips and help adhere the color to your lips for a look that will last longer. Take your lip brush and dab it on the end of your lipstick. Using the lip brush requires less makeup and gives you a less dramatic look. You’ll then want to use a brush to smooth the lipstick on your top and bottom lips. Squeeze your lips together to even out your make-up. Apply the liner by following the contour of the outside part of your lips with the lip pencil. Smudge it a little bit, so there’s not a significant difference between the liner and the lipstick.

Finding a Great Discount Store in NYC Isn't that Hard!

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