Buy Name Brand Lingerie in NYC – At 70% Under Department Store Prices!

Name brand lingerie looks stunning on you, especially if you’re trying to impress that special someone. But, name brand intimate apparel comes with a price, or does it? At Telco Stores, you can purchase top names at 70% less than department store prices.

This discount store in NYC provides you with everything you need besides the candlelight dinner for you to have a romantic night. Telco Stores offers an ever-changing selection of sexy black bustiers, red lace panties and silky baby doll nighties. The store even carries a selection of matching bra and panties sets, so you don’t have to do the hard working of making sure your undergarments match.

Shopping for lingerie doesn’t always need to serve the purpose of romance. Maybe, you’re looking for a more functional piece of intimate apparel. For instance, if you’re shopping for a bra with maximum support, such as a push up bra, which provides ample support and gives you the appearance of more cleavage, there’s probably one at this discount store in NYC. Even a small-chested woman can benefit from one of these.

You might need a bra specifically for a low cut shirt. You obviously can’t go braless, so you’ll need to look for a bra like a demi-bra. This piece of lingerie is a brassiere with only coverage for the bottom half of the breasts. Since it leaves half of the breasts exposed, it is made extra supportive.

If you’re shopping for a pair of panties that can wear with your new skirt, you can find a brand name pair in this discount store in NYC. With a selection of different types of underwear, such as bikinis, briefs and even some pairs that are a little more risqué, you can find whatever you’re looking for and at a price far cheaper than what the department stores are charging.

Another more practical piece of linger is a slip. A slip goes underneath your clothing to reduce the ability to see through your outfit. Many skirts are made with thin material that clings tight to the body. This can cause the unwanted situation of others being able to see what color or type of underwear you’re wearing, hence the need for a slip.

Besides lingerie designed to create a sexy look or items that serve a purpose, some lingerie is made to be comfy and Telco Stores keep this type in supply, as well. Items in this category range from pink fluffy slippers to a large fleece robe to a camisole meant to be paired with shorts. When you shop at this discount store in NYC, you can find lingerie like matching pajama sets and loungewear.

Whether you want comfy, seductive or practical, you can discover the apparel to meet your needs  at prices you can afford.