The Hottest Colors for 2012 – Get Them at Telco Discount Store

The hot name on everyone’s lips right now is Telco, the store offering your most favorite combination of clothes and colors, at the most affordable rates.
If you are looking for the store to buy the trendiest and clothes just off the fashion runway at the very best of rates, then look no further than Telco, the Discount Store NYC with all the hottest colors for 2012. Incorporating all the must have colors for 2012 such as Olympian Blue, and Tangerine Tango, this is truly a fashion designer’s shopping dream. Other spectacular colors are Honey Gold, Rose Smoke, Pink Flambé and Rhapsody. This store truly embraces the magic of colors, and you will wish you had stepped in sooner.

Here is a little more information about these color choices from Discount Store NYC; Pink Flambé is pulsating pink with a bit of heat to it. Tangerine Tango on the other hand is bubbly and tantalizing.

Ultramarine Green is a deep, soothing blue-green and Ethereal Rhapsody is a lighter shade of purple that makes you feel comfortable and tranquil. Honey Gold, is a rich and glistening yellow, suggesting the soft-muted tones of sunlight to brighten your day.

Olympian Blue, is a partisan blue, giving one the feeling of patriotism, while French Roast is a delicious, urbane hue that is a lighter shade to black and coal. Titanium, the archetypal cool gray has a disguised rose tone. Mix any of these hip colors from Discount Store NYC and you could be the new trendsetter.

With a wide range of items such as clothing, handbags and footwear, Telco does it all under one roof and truly lives up to your standards by incorporating the colors you love most with the trendiest clothes, all at a pocket friendly price.

In fact, you will be amazed at just how much you save when you buy your clothes from this Discount Store NYC. It is the store that you will be telling all your friends about. No one does it as well as Telco. They have all the latest collections of versatile neutral colors with bold, spirited hues to showcase the magic of color. Translating the vibrancy of everyday colors into sexy, urban clothes, everything at Telco is truly a work of art.

With clothes ranging from petite, medium, to plus size, this shop caters to all your clothing needs, and you need not go elsewhere to find something that fits both your body and your pocket. When you shop at the Discount Store NYC, you will find all the clothes you love at the best prices all in one place. You can also create and share looks based on your favorite combinations.

So do you want your most favorite clothes, in the hottest colors for 2012 and at prices you can’t get anywhere else? Look no further than Telco, the number one Discount Store NYC.



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