Get Up To 70% Off Department Stores Prices at Telco!

Telco is a family-owned discount store in New York City. Established in Bensonhurst in 1972, Telco offers its customers terrific value along with superior customer service. Located in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, Telco provides shoppers merchandise to meet any budget.

Offering a wide selection of brand name products at one fourth the cost of department stores, the Telco inventory includes men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, handbags and footwear, bed and bath products, appliances, housewares, cookware, luggage and electronics. It is truly a one stop shopping spot.

Today’s generation of shoppers are looking for new ways to get the right fashion styles at the best prices. By combining a variety of design elements like patterns, colors and textures, they are able to create an eclectic style reminiscent of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. But more than anything, in the present economic times, they’re looking to build a wardrobe and a household with stylish items that are easy on the pocketbook.

Telco Clothing Stores offer smart shoppers the opportunity dress and furnish their homes fashionably at a fraction of retail costs. For instance, customers are able to purchase a typical $100 brand name outfit at a discounted price between 70 and 90 percent lower than what they would pay at a department store. Brand name linens, sheets and towels are also available at significantly reduced prices. The price tag on Telco shoes, handbags and jewelry are typically half what you find at any other retail store.

According to customers, “The Bensonhurst Telco Clothing Store is filled with cute dresses, workout outfits, shoes and every other type of clothing at great savings.” Shoppers are more than satisfied with “the decent household goods section for blinds, bathroom rugs, towels and accessories and the like.”

Some people suggest that “Telco is very big and busy discount store” and that it “has a great variety of cheap everyday items.”

Others are happy with the atmosphere at Telco stating, “Oh how I love Telco…it’s affordable, fashionable, name brand, and has something for everybody. I swear, whenever i feel low i just pop right in a Telco to shop.”

Described as a four star discount store, customers are happy with the endless inventory available at Telco. Some have even referred to it as “God’s gift to shopping” and that “nowhere else in Brooklyn can you find genuine significantly discounted designer clothes for pennies on the dollar.” They also like the constantly rotating selection of merchandise at ridiculously discounted prices.

Telco Clothing Stores are a convenient place to shop in New York City, save you money and have excellent products and customer service. Take advantage of the gains of switching from a retail shopping to discount shopping and you will find yourself with a much fuller wallet.